New Subaru BRZ Sales Hit in Japan
- First two-month sales figures approximately quadruple initial target -

Tokyo, March 28, 2012 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, announced that cumulative sales of the new Subaru BRZ reached 3,551 units two months its introduction in Japan. This result, achieved between February 3rd and March 27th, is approximately quadruple the initial sales forecast*1 of 900 units for the period. The details are as follows.

*1 The monthly sales target for Subaru BRZ is 450 units.

1. Percentage of grade*2
S 78.4%
R 18.5%
RA 3.1%
*2 S: Highest grade with ample equipment for driving and comfort
R: Standard model well-balancing comfort and fuel efficiency
RA: Base model for user customization
2. Percentage of transmission
6MT 66.3%
E-6AT 33.7%
3. Percentage of exterior color
WR blue mica 33.9% Dark gray metallic 6.3%
Satin white pearl 24.4% Lighting red 6.1%
Crystal black silica 16.5% Galaxy blue silica 4.4%
Sterling silver metallic 8.4%    
4. Percentage of customer’s age
Under 29 27.5%
30 - 39 27.9%
40 - 49 23.3%
50 - 59 13.8%
Over 60 7.5%

Customers positive feedbacks are: fun to drive sports car, stable and reliable handling due to its ultra-low center of gravity packaging, excellent driveability that drivers can feel the improvement of their driving skills, and etc. The Subaru BRZ is highly acclaimed by wide range of customers as a fun sports car that any driver can enjoy driving with peace of mind.