Guide to FHI

By acquiring our commodities, customers may enrich their lives. This is FHI's wish, and also FHI's conviction according to that we research and develop our products.

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Business Segments

Automotive Business
Automotive Business

Pursuing engineering excellence to offer a "enjoyment and peace of mind" driving experience to all drivers and passengers.

【Main Business】 Manufacturing, repairing and selling of minicars, passenger cars, and their genuine parts.

Automotive Buisiness

【Industrial Products】 Globally Offering Various Motive Powers that Support People's Life and Leisure.

SUBARU Industrial Products

Industrial Products
Aerospace Company
Aerospace Company

Leading the Market of Aerospace Industry and Being Involved in the Development and Production of Various Aircrafts

【Main Business】 Manufacturing, repairing and selling of aircrafts, Composite material, and their genuine parts.

Aerospace Company